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seriale de vazut: "Green Wing"

fabletea mea. M-am uitat la cateva episoade din prima serie. Prima data am inceput sa ma uit la tv, dar erau la niste ore imposibile.

din wiki : Although set in a hospital, there are no medical storylines; the action is produced by a series of soap opera and Commedia dell'arte-style

un pic se leaga de piesa de teatru vazuta. Cred ca de asta am acum nevoie, chestii din astea legaturi liber cugetatoare. Pentru cei care va uitati la seriale comode, gen spitalul de urgenta, bla bla, nu va uitati la Green Wing ! E o comedie british care m-a facut sa rad. Seinfeld alt serial la care ma uit acum in paralel m-a facut doar sa zambesc.Dar pe de alta parte e mai usor sa te uiti la 3 episoade din S decat la un episod din GW. Bine am eu gusturi mai ciudate si ma uit. Dar altfel e greu sa te uiti. Dar merita.

[Dr Secretan comes into Sue's office with a small boy under his arm]
Sue White: What's this?
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: It's a kid. Um, what do they eat?
Sue White: Is it lost?
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: No. I borrowed it from someone because I'm trying to pull and apparently women love it.
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: Is it doing anything for me?
Sue White: No.
Dr. Guilaume Secretan: [he puts the child down on Sue's desk] Here, you have it.
[he leaves]
Sue White: [looks at the child less than enthusiastic] Er, hello.
toddler: Hello.
Sue White: Hello. Umm... do you, do you want one of these?
[she pulls a lolly out of a drawer]
toddler: Yes, please.
[holds out a hand towards the lolly]
Sue White: [pulls the lolly away] Well, you can't have it.

Dr. Caroline Todd: How was the interview?
Dr. Macartney: Not sure... think I might have used the words 'job', 'stick', 'up' and 'arse' all in one sentence. Is that a bad thing?
Dr. Caroline Todd: Well I... I think tone of voice is very important.
Dr. Macartney: Is it, is it? Damn. Shit. Excuse me, I have some patients to see.

si finaly :
Dr. Macartney: Martin, Martin, see this - is that your signiture?
Dr. Martin Dear: Yeah, it is, yeah.
Dr. Macartney: Yeah, can't really do smiley faces on death certificates. Does look a little bit insensitive.

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